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We reported earlier why CNJ is different than the typical knife places on the web. As you can see CNJ’s format and stories are more like a publication than a “website.” 

As many of you know, CNJ is technically a weblog, or blog for short. Blogs aren’t new to the web, but are to the knife industry.

Aside from there being very few blogs exclusive to the knife industry and collecting, we learned from the recent CNJ poll about 5% of the voters indicated going to blogs (compared with 28% going to Knife Forums and 18% going to YouTube). 

Really those results don’t surprise me at this point in the development of online knife resources.

Blogs are growing exponentially all over the web. Web users today are reading blogs as a major source of online information. The numbers are huge and will continue grow.  Studies show between 50 – 70% of all internet users in the US read blogs.

Interesting Stats From One Blog Host

 WordPress, the blog service used for CNJ, reports these interesting stats (keep in mind WordPress is just one of dozens of blog hosts)

For October 2008 WordPress reported-

  •           323,786 blogs were created
  •        8,862,195 comments were posted
  • 1,826,865,834 total pageviews
  •        1,418,933 active blogs

Even many traditional news sources, including Fox News and CNN, have blogs. Blogs represent the new online news sources. 

Blogs are different than websites in that they are indexed by search engines by keywords and tags. Tags are specific words that categorize posts and are assigned by the blogger. You will notice at the bottom of each post here at CNJ certain words I assign that relate to the subject of the post.

Finding blogs you are interested in

There are specialized blog search engines to help find specific topics. 

Blog Search Engines
Several blog search engines are used to search blog contents, such as BloglinesBlogScope, and Technorati (just Google “Blog Search Engines” for more). Technorati, which is among the most popular blog search engines, provides current information on both popular searches and tags used to categorize blog postings. 

As you continue to look you will find it to be a whole new world- the blogosphere on virtually any topic or area of interest you could have.

Blogs offer the ability to present information through a variety of formats too, including streaming video and audio into the posts. 

Cutlery News Journal is leading the way in its mission to bring you knife news and online resources.

Sources: eMarketer Study May 2008, Universal McCann study March 2008 and Technorati’s 2008 State of the Blogosphere.

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