Absolut-ely only on the Web do knives and alcohol mix

Weekend Edition Part II

Allow me to begin by saying, I know playing with knives and drinking don’t go together, therefore, I’ll make the context of this post – Knife Safety.

The great thing about the web is it is virtual. Case in point- vodka and playing with really sharp knives- well over at True Digital I was pointed to the only place that can be done safely at the same time.

In real life mixing the two is a deadly combo. But since it is virtual, I decided to hit the Absolut site to attempt to use the virtual knife to cut the kiwi to the beat of the music. The first time I stunk (no I didn’t say “drunk”- I wasn’t drinking, thank you very much), but then I got the hang of it.

But don’t try this at home (non-virtually), or I’ll be reporting about your incident here at CNJ. Below is a video of my knife wielding abilities, if you care to see.

If you want to wield the knife for yourself go here.

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