How about a run on knives too?

Weekend Edition

Obama Gun SalesThe recent presidential election caused a run on guns. Actually it started before the election, but now seems to be continuing. Evidently folks across America feel there is likely to be tightening of gun control. 

Here’s the list of media and their stories on the trend. It is even being reported internationally.

Will that carry over to knives? I’m not seeing a barrage of media stories on knife runs, but we know our knife rights are slowly being eroded. And it could be the best news for American knife makers yet.

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  1. I really think the run on guns is just possibly NRA fueled paranoia. The incoming president has a slew of more important, very real problems to fix, I don’t think it’s likely he’ll make stringent gun control a top priority. I’m a gun owner, but I feel like what I’ve got is certainly enough, at least for now. Though I will admit to stocking up on ammo…and knives.

  2. Don’t laugh off the knives. There are already laws on how long a blade can be on your person.

  3. I hear ya Aaron.

    You are right on about the slew of more important problems to fix. Unfortunately most of those will take many years to see if the measures put in place helped or hurt, but attending to them should be job #1. It will be interesting to see what he takes on during his first year.

    Let’s pray for wise decisions up there right now cause we are in a mess that is for sure.

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