The Great Debate: Which is more lethal a knife or a gun?

I am not an advocate of knife violence (especially considering the knives I have are mostly 100 year old pocketknives), but I found this guy’s argument that a knife is more lethal than a gun to be quite absurd. 

Yes, knives can kill, but so can rocks, sticks or automobiles (or fists, for that matter!). I realize the context of this testimony is gang violence, but it seems to me the root problem is the disposition of the individual, not the “instrument.” 

Making knives to be “the problem” is akin to treating a symptom, not the underlying cause.

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  1. I dunno, I don’t think I’d wanna bring a knife to a gun fight

  2. yes, in the right hands or right circumstances, nearly ANYTHING can be used as a weapon, be it a fist [I agree], a tightly-rolled-up magazine, or as you say, a rock. This is just another step toward our English friends being totally castrated of any weapons, I bet you know that “locking” knives are already illegal over there.

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