CNJ Audio Interview Series- Custom Knifemaker Mr. Tony Bose

cnjaisFor this edition of the CNJ Knife Show we are pleased to bring you a one-on-one conversation with legendary knifemaker, Mr. Tony Bose.

He has received many awards for his high quality knives and is recognized as one of the top custom makers today.

Tony Bose

Tony Bose

Tony tells us why he started making knives, in addition to candid advice for aspiring knife makers. He also provides an insider’s perspective on the custom knife market and today’s prices.

I invite you to listen in as he shares with us the knives he finds the most challenging to make and why he chose to bring vintage patterns back.

If you don’t know Tony, he is a very humble man with a tremendous passion for knives and wonderful sense of humor. It was a pleasure to have him as our guest.

The buffering time typically varies from 11- 20 seconds based on your connection speed, so please be patient as the show loads.″
Tony in his shop

Tony in his shop

He also has made a very few of my all time vintage pattern- the Elephant Toenail. He will share with us his experience making this treasured pattern and why it is so difficult to make.

Check out his website and photo gallery of his knives.

Bose Platts MOP Jumbo Toenail

T. Bose Platts MOP Jumbo Toenail

My Favorite- MOP Platts Jumbo Toenail

T. Bose MOP Platts Jumbo Toenail

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  1. Tony is a living legend! I lean more toward so called “tactical knives”, but I really enjoy more traditional stuff, nothing can compare to a knife you can pull out in front of “sheeple” without adverse reactions…Case stuff really interests me from the collectability staindpoint. Great work Scott.

  2. I agree that Mr. Bose is a living legend in the cutlery industry. His knives stand out above all others. Whether custom made or the Case XX line of knives they are above and beyond all others. I have started collecting Bose knives and have a good start on it but there are many more out there. If you want to look at collecting knives as an investment this is one to take a look at. When the Case XX line of Bose knives come out every year you can purchase them for mfg retail price or usually less. Then just sit back and watch the value go up, and up and up and up!! You cannot go wrong!!! I will eventually spring for a custom made Bose knife but for now they are a little out of my league $$$$$$. Thanks all!

  3. What wonderful guy,and last night I got to chat live at our CCC forum chat room. But he did give a clue to his next colabralation with Case ” 1 Blade 4inches long; So if that don’t drive you crazy what will. Thanks Scott for a very detailed intervieu.

  4. Wasn’t able to watch Bose interview.

    • I just checked it. Seems to be working fine. Try again. it was an video interview just an audio.

  5. Some day you might want to talk to Tony Foster The case man. Frank

    • Good suggestion! Thanks. I know Tony actually bought a few toenails off him 🙂

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