Local Man’s Weapon Stockpile Discovered

Weekend Edition

Yesterday a man was arrested for simply having a knife in his car (in the driver’s door pocket). The story is in Skegness, England’s Skegness Standard.  He was charged with “possessing a bladed article in a public place.” Is that not unbelievable?

I don’t know about you, but my car sure isn’t a “public place.” In fact I lock it to keep people out- and you know it would be against the law to lock-up a public place, now wouldn’t it?  

The next thing you’ll know they will be raiding our houses and finding hundreds of “bladed weapons.” I can just see the next day’s write-up now. “Local man stockpiling weapons”

The police chief’s interview would read like this- “From all appearances Mr. King seemed like an average citizen, but, it is obvious we had a crime waiting to happen here. You can’t tell me someone who owns hundreds of bladed instruments isn’t planning on using them sometime…..” OUCH!

…Yeah right- As you may know I collect antique pocketknives. Heck, I won’t even open them, much less use them, but can’t you see me out there waving around my Case Brothers pearly, or my C. Platts Jumbo SwellCenter? 

If they confiscated your collection how would the next day’s write up read??

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  1. wow. Unfortunately here in the states, and elsewhere, many people in my age group who fall into the “armchair warrior” and “mall ninja” crowds serve to unintentionally further stigmatize we knife collectors. I do use my knives, but I’m careful to only carry what I can explain a use for. I’m not a tactical “fixed blade on the belt” guy, to be sure. Good points though…if anyone who collects knives can be demonized or accused anywhere in the world, you never know who’s next. The public at large, and courts certainly won’t differentiate between Scott’s amazing collection of what could be considered “gentleman’s” pocket knives or my own collection of factory “tactical” knives.

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