CNJ Interview with YouTube’s Cutlerylover

Recently I wrote about the Next Generation of knife collectors and their online presence on YouTube.

Updated YouTube Stats

Before you meet Jeff, let me remind you the number of knife related YouTube videos at this time numbers into the thousands. Search “pocket knife” and you get 911 videos, while “knife” is 105,000, though I am sure many thousands aren’t related to cutlery. “Knife Collection(s)” has 1080 videos. There is even a category of “pocket knife reviews” with 67.

Meet Jeff- YouTube’s Cutlerylover

Allow me now to introduce a young man named Jeff, who is without a doubt the YouTube Knife King. He goes by cutlerylover. Here is his bio and video collection page. You will see he has over 3,100 subscribers to his channel and 127,864 views of his bio on his channel page.

 Jeff is 23 years old and has been collecting knives since he was a boy. Today, Jeff has made YouTube his turf- his forum for sharing his passion about knives.

Jeff has produced 230 YouTube knife videos. Most are showing his knives, either in groups, or featuring a certain brand or pattern. Some are purely instructional.

What is also amazing is Jeff’s knife videos have received thousands of views. While he does a good job showing the knives and narrating, let me remind you, these are amateur videos, but even still many have been watched over 10,000 times, and several have over 30,000 views each! 

CNJ Interview with Jeff

I asked Jeff some questions about his interest in knives, why the YouTube videos, online collectors, and his subscribers. Listen in to his responses. He is knowledgeable and articulate. Jeff clearly represents the Next Generation of knife collectors. They are online and they are watching YouTube.

Thank you Jeff for being willing to share a little about yourself with us here at CNJ. I’m sure we’ll be talking again.


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  1. Wow…great video interview! It it very refreshing to see to a young man with such interest in our hobby. It is also nice to hear that there is whole group of folks who are into knives that most of us aren’t even aware of. Although I only have heard him speak for 17 minutes, I wish he was on our board of directors.

    Perry Miller
    President National Knife Collectors Association
    President National Knife Museum

  2. Scott, thank you for offering such a wonderful interview with this amazing collector! Jeff, THANK YOU for taking time to speak to us, sharing how you became interested in the hobby of knife collecting!
    So many of us feel as passionate as you do and it’s awesome that you have taken time to produce this You Tube video for our knife community. I agree with Perry Miller, we’d love to have you serve on our Board of Directors some day! Keep up the good work and I look forward to meeting you in person at an upcoming knife event.

    Lisa Sebenick
    NKCA Editor / Manager

  3. Thanks Perry and Lisa- I was pleased to “find” Jeff and bring his interview to CNJ. He definitely provides us a glimpse of the new generation.

    Now we just have to figure out how to bring him and his channel subscribers into the NKCA.

    Have you thought about starting a “NKCA Online,” as a first step to getting involved in the organization? I see this as more of a knife portal for the online crowd and not just a website…

  4. Scott, GREAT IDEA! I myself am way too “camera shy” and have far too much of a “southern accent” to be considered for such a task, BUT, Perry Miller and our entire Board of Directors, along with our group of 4,000 members might just need to give this some thought…
    Lisa Sebenick
    Manager/Editor, National Knife Collectors Assoc.

  5. Since I frequent YouTube in search of knife making tutorials, I’ve seen many, if not all, of Jeff’s video’s. Personally, I take comfort in knowing that knife collecting has a place with a generation younger than my own. The rich and colorful history of cutlery and pocket knives in particular is too valuable to be forgotten and we will soon depend on Jeff and others like him to pass on this wonderful hobby to future generations. Well done Jeff! Keep it up!

  6. Hey guys, I really appreciate all the kinds words! Even though I am still young cutlery has been a passion of mine form over 14 years now…Knives mean so much more to me than just being useful tools, they are rich in history, they are fun to collect, great conversation pieces and most of all great to pass down to future generations! Some people collect art, or stamps, or coins, but I always thought why not collect something you can actually use! haha I just wanted to thank you guys again for having and interest in my videos and leaving the nice comments!

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