Knife Collector Websites

The World Wide Web is made up of millions upon millions of web servers– actually the number calculated at 181,277,835 as of Sept. 2008 according to Each server hosts individuals websites, generally speaking. 

Knife collectors are interested in only a fraction of these sites. However, even among the “knife sites” there are probably into the thousands, between knife manufacturers, clubs and associations, dealers, blogs, knifemakers, etc., and as we go foward with the CNJ Featured Knife Website Series, we will look at many of them.

Collector Sites can be the most interesting.

I would venture to say there are fewer Collector sites out there today than any other knife related site, but their number is growing. They are put up by an individual collector in an effort to help spread the fun of knife collecting. Most of them don’t sell anything and the collector’s cost to build and maintain the site is viewed as his/her own contribution to our hobby.

Collector sites tend to be more “homemade” in appearance and function, when compared to a corporate knife company or a huge commercial enterprise, and yet, the collector’s passion makes up for the site’s lack of professional design, bells and whistles. Furthermore, we know better than to judge a book by its cover.

First up in the Knife Website- In The Spot Light Series is a Collector site and it is headed your way, so stay tuned.

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