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If you are a regular reader of the Cutlery News Journal, you know we are the first exclusively Web-based knife news source. One of our central topics is knife Web-news, all about knives, collectors and the industry taking place on the web.

While CNJ is not a Web-technology site, the context of many of our stories is how to use the Web and all is has to offer, as a collector. These articles are written so as not to get too technical or overly geeky.

Several of the topics, and series of topics, do have varying degrees of technical information, like topics on how to find ‘knife things’ on the Web and the tools available to do so and ways to make knife Web-life easier and more enjoyable. 

Web-life is moving fast. The whole new generation of Web technology (the Web 2.0 thing) is about creating experiences and usability for folks like you and me. Understand, the real geeks are working 24/7 on designing Web programs, features and functions that will be different and new. Many of these advances will directly benefit us here at CNJ.

On the Web today, collectors have as resources and tools- Forums (still new to lots of folks), RSS, News Aggregators, Blogs, Online clubs and groups, Chat (text or video) Groups, Social Networking sites, Twitters, Podcasts, Plugins and much more.

The point here is let’s not be satisfied just knowing what we know, or doing only what we know how to do.

From this point forward, for all articles that discuss knife Web-life, I will assign a Geek Rating. And if you are satisfied with you current understanding and are OK not venturing out into areas you consider to be new and at first glance- technical, then the topics Rated Beginner are best for you.

But for you who are interested in learning how to improve your knife Web experience, then the Moderate and Extreme rated topics are the ones you will want to read.

Geek Ratings  

  • Basic- Non-Technical; Basic Web-User Topics
  • Moderate- Somewhat Technical; Semi-Advanced topics
  • Extreme Geek- Hyper Technical; Advanced Web Topics


Don’t worry though readers, especially if you are really only into cutlery history, Geek Rated knife-Web topics are a handful of the topics we cover. See Scope of Topics

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