Knife Collector Online Video Conferencing

Apple iSight Webcam

Apple iSight Webcam

In our CNJ Knives and Technology Series, we are looking at changes brought to our hobby as a result of technonlogical advances and inventions.

To begin with, let me ask- How would you like to see your knife friends when “talking” to them online? Right now you log into a knife forum and write a post or reply and, you know the routine- you wait for someone to type their reply.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a “live” video discussion instead?

Sounds too futuristic? Don’t be surprised. The technology exists now, but just hasn’t made its way to any knife forum yet ( We do it in business now. It is called Video Conferencing). 

Basically it works like this- at a set time a group of collectors will “dial in” and have a real discussion- real time through streaming video. Live chat right then and there. 

You say, “What in the world would this be good for? Why would I want to be able to actually see the others in the group?”  Want to show your knife friends that knife you just bought? Now you can. Also, we travel hundreds of miles now to “have meetings,” don’t we? Obviously, it could easily be used for groups and association board meetings too. Granted, it would be tough to do with dozens of participates, but for a handful of folks to talk and see each other, it is very doable now. 

CNJ Knife Collector iChat Group

How about an iChat Knife Collector Group? Well, for the really connected knife collectors out there who just so happen to own a Mac computer (made by Apple), this video conference capability is already all built into their most recent operating software (Leopard)! It is called iChat. Talk about cool…yeah I know it sounds geeky… but sorry guys, you know I am a computer geeky knife collector so what can I say? For you PC users running XP or Vista there is a way, but you will need to get set up yourself (otherwise, you will be saying “Can you see me now?”)

So here’s the deal-

Blue Snowball Mic

Blue Snowball Mic

If you want to be a charter member of CNJ Knife Collector iChat Group 🙂 shoot me an email at imac_man at (sorry, but the spam bots can’t get my email when written out like that).

GEEK TALK:  Plus, I am dying to try out my new iSight webcam! Apple actually discontinued in 2006 and while my MacBook Pro has one built in, I wanted a stand along camera for my 30″  Apple HD Display… while I’m playing at home.

If you actually stayed with me here and read this entire post, you are a geek (though you may not know it yet), and an excellent candidate for our iChat group.

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