Knife Collecting Is Fun

You know the old saying about not being able to see the forest for the trees, well it is awful easy to lose perspective sometimes, isn’t it?

Knife collectors have to keep a balanced point of view too. Right now there are a number of “hot topics” and many folks are allowing themselves to get caught up in these debates.

Go hang around the proverbial water coolers in the knife forums and shows and you will see what I mean. 

And while “hot topics” are controversial- right now they are:

  • The decline in show attendance
  • The decline in participation and the number of memberships in associations and clubs
  • The oversupply of knives available to buyers
  • The slowing of knife sales
  • Shows not being as profitable
  • The weakness in secondary (resale) market for certain knives

Without debating these issues, the point here is our ability to decide our own focus.

We can still see the trees

Dealer having fun!

Dealer having fun!

Oftentimes we can get so preoccupied about an issue we lose sight on the reason we are collectors to begin with? 

So, let me ask you-

-Do you remember the time you bought your first knife?
-Can you describe what your reason was for buying it?
-Do you remember how you felt when you got it home?
-Do you remember the excitement you felt when you told your friend about it?

Tuning back into those feelings and experiences are where we need to be focused.

We are collectors…not investment bankers (probably a good thing, wouldn’t you say?). Sure we would love to be able to double our money should we decide to pass that knife on to its next custodian, but was that really why we bought it originally? No, it wasn’t.

The first time feeling

I realize there are folks in the knife collecting industry who are in it solely for the return on their investment, and being a capitalist, I say that is a good thing. We need those folks in the system (many of them are dealers who help us find the knives we collect), but far and away, the majority of us are collectors. We purchase what we like and keep them- much like treasures. They represent and provide a good feeling-when we bought it and each time we look at it.

Let’s not lose that perspective. Our knife hobby represents enjoyment to each of us. I have always called that enjoyment- “fun.” In fact, this hobby provides me a tremendous satisfaction and enjoyment- more than any other recreation I have- more than sports and more than driving fast (well almost…). 

Collecting IS fun!

Collecting IS fun!


Introduce Knife Collecting to Someone New

To fully experience the joy of our hobby like we did when we first started- then let’s seek out a new collector to help. Find a co-worker, or young person and turn them on to knife collecting (without trying to sell him/her a knife).

I will promise you this- if your enjoyment for the hobby has dwindled at all, when you share our hobby with a new collector, it will be rekindled- because Knife Collecting is fun.


Scott King

…having as much fun as I did when I was a kid collecting rocks.” (This has been my tag line ever since I first started knife collecting. What is yours?)

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