Introduction to Online Knife Communities

One of the primary benefits of knife collecting, aside from enjoying the ownership of the actual knives, is the associations with like-minded folks.

In the early days of knife collecting this fellowship was facilitated primarily through knife club meetings, knife shows and talking via the telephone. Today, however, the most commonly used medium is the Word Wide Web.

The WWW enables collectors to have continued dialog 24/7 and with very minimal costs associated with these “get togethers.” While shows and club meetings serve additional purposes and will continue on, it is very interesting how mainstream “talking” online has become.

Virtual Communities

And while millions of direct person to person communications occur every day, a very large amount of these meetings are very public conversations through Online Discussion Groups. These groups were first developed and made popular in the 1970’s as Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs). Then in 1980s, the next generation evolved into Usenet systems and chat rooms. It was during the 1900s, Internet forums (message boards/discussion groups) were developed. These forums were generally created for a specific community and allowed posts by date or topic threads. Most forums allow their members to upload pictures for all to see.

The evolution of online communities and the forms of communications, from a socio-technical perspective, now involves voice, video and avatarsSecond Life is a 3 D ultimate virtual world. The software/program and its usability has become more sophisticated and is much more than simply text based. 

Online Knife Communities Abound

In the knife world, these virtual communities serve to supplement rather than replace face to face relationships. Everyday, thousands of knife enthusiasts log on and talk everything imaginable, including knives. One day we’ll even look into the different pseudo personalities members assume, but not today; although looking at the identities people take on is very interesting.

Most forums allow you to read topics (threads) and replies without joining as a member, however to join into the conversation you will be required to register. Most groups, like Yahoo Groups, post messages to the group, like a forum, in addition to allowing its members to email with the other members directly. 




Next in this Series- Online Knife Communities Part II will identify the most popular knife forums as ranked by search engines and then also by membership numbers. 

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