Legends of Knifemaking Auction 40 Results


Clip point Bowie

Clip point Bowie

Carved Ivory handled Skinner

Carved Ivory handled Skinner

CNJ reported on a major custom knife auction– The Legends of Knifemaking- Auction 40. This auction was conducted by Bruce Voyles and is now history. 

 In total 179 custom knives were sold through this auction for a total sale of $125,000, including the 13% buyers premium. 

Two knives made by Bill Moran sold the the highest prices. The Carved Ivory handled upsweep skinner sold for the highest price in the auction- $7500. The second was a super Clip point Bowie for $7000. The other results are linked here for you-  jbrucevoyles.com  

Bruce commented to me when I contacted him for this write-up that  “There is a huge demand for these older maker knives among collectors–(It is) a market that is near totally avoided by the majority of the newer dealers.”

He terms a vintage maker any guy that was around in the early days of The Knifemaker’s Guild when there was nothing but the Guild.  (If you read his online catalog he talks about those makers there. He also pointed out in the October issue of Knives Illustrated there is a pretty good article there too.)

An impressive list of Legends were represented in this auction, in addition to Moran, it included Loveless, Frank, Hale, Henry, Lake, Horn, Holder, Johnson, Osborne, Lile, Dozier, Bose, Fisk and many others. 

Bruce further added, “While not featured as much as modern handmades on websites and in magazines as the fact the knives were around for years doesn’t fit in with the “what’s new today” market and a market that is near totally avoided by the majority of the newer dealers.”

If you are into customs or looking to start a collection, it sounds to me like the timing is excellent to move in that direction. While I recognize we are just collecting here and not investing, but you know what they say – “When the pack is going one way, you should look in the other.”

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