Audio Interview Series- Perry Miller NKCA President

CNJ brings you the first knife show on the web with its Audio Interview Series with key individuals in the knife industry. Our guest in today’s exclusive interview is Mr. Perry Miller, the President of the National Knife Collectors Association. 

If you are new to knives and have yet to join the National Knife Collectors Association, please give it serious consideration. As you will hear, the NKCA is working hard on developing additional resources for collectors of all types of knives- custom, tactical, old and new pocketknives, including hosting Knife Shows nationally, in addition to the opening of its the new museum in Sevierville, Tenn. 

In today’s show you will sit in with me while we discuss Perry’s early collecting days; his vision for the NCKA; challenges faced by the NKCA; new programs and resources for collectors; counterfeit knives; the changes in knife collecting as a result of the Web and eBay; suggestions for new collectors; and much more.  

The buffering time of the show varies depending on your connection speed. Typically it takes around 10 seconds before it begins, so please be patient as it loads.″
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  1. Good interview,lets all hope the NKCA can turn the corner.Perry sounds like he plan to get it done.

  2. Thanks Roger. I hope the majority of folks can access it OK and it not take too long to buffer. I think Perry and the board are making the hard decisions we need them to make. I know stopping the Gazette, for example, wasn’t an easy one.

    They really need some donations for those who have some extra change they can give. I know throwing money at a problem isn’t always the answer but it appears they are doing what needs to be done to cut expenses.

  3. Great review of Perry Miller and the NKCA. As a current NKCA board member, we have cut our expense’s to survive and maintain membership as a viable organization,our committee’s are working hard to resolve the many issue’s that face us today and long term. The website, is our best tool to grow and is the least expensive in promoting the organization world wide. As a membership organization, it is essential that we grow the membership to 15,000 members, so we can provide meaningful programs that are in the best interest of cutlery collectors worldwide. Start a membership drive now within your area. Your suggestion’s and support are welcome. We need volunteers to improve the website and assist other committee’s to promote the NKCA. Thanks, Wayne Koons

  4. Good interview, I picked up some good information and sound advice.

  5. I found this interview to be extremely interesting. I have belonged to the NKCA of and on for a number of years. I was disappointed in them and left only to return again. I am now no longer a member as I have been disappointed once again. That’s not to say that I won’t return upon some sign of progress. Perry Miller is wonderful person who has only best intentions for the NKCA in my opinion. I anxiously await the turn of the tide to consider my membership again.

    His comments on where the hobby is going are well founded. I personally feel that the hobby has many subdivisions and that we should focus on those more. No all can afford nor locate the infamous “MINT” knives. I have very good friends that turn their nose up at any thing that is less than mint or darn near it. As a collector of old Pennsylvania related cutlery, I find that to locate one is that condition is nearly impossible and I did, far to expensive for my pocketbook. Encourage those to buy the best example, but to keep the interest up and $$$ down, don’t pass up a less than mint knife to enjoy. They also can appreciate in value due the rarity.

    It is easy to determine the value of most mint knives. There are plenty of books available and mentors to advise, but put out a real antique in less than mint and watch the numbers fly!!!!!!!!!

    Two knives a box is a collection, no matter what the condition or brand. Don’t chase that potentail collector away due to feeling inferior to those that only buy $500 or more knives.

    The boundries are only set by us, we can change them as well. KEEP IT FUN!!!!!!!! it isn’t always about the $$$$$$$$$

    Great job Perry, Scott your Number 1 in my book as well.

  6. I have been a lifetime member for many years. I am coming to see the new museum this fall. I well remember the one in Chattagnooga. I received my lifetime membership from my first (deceased wife) and my two sons as a Christmas present. I still love my knives.

  7. I would like to see Col Hyde interviewed as well as Michael Glawson, Jim Parker, Joe Stritenberger or Jim Sargent. These are great cutlery people.

  8. […] Perry Miller, the NKCA President said here on the CNJ Knife Show, “It (eBay) is the largest knife show in the world and its open 24/7.” […]

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